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Remodeling kitchen countertops may be easier than you think. There is no reason for countertop renovations to be extremely difficult. The degree of difficulty that it takes for removal of the current counter depends on what it is made of. Also the length of time that the counter top has been down also will influence the level of difficulty. Laminated countertops are attached with glue to wood surfaces. This can require a solvent to loosen up the glue. If that doesn’t work then you may have to gouge through the wood before it can be completely removed.

Sometimes the best way to remodel kitchen counter tops is to replace the whole top. Taking it off of the counter base should be a very easy ordeal. Simply loosen a few screws and bolts and take it off. The cabinets should now be exposed and the surface that the counter is connected to can be washed and sanded to make room for the placement of a new counter top.

The type of counter top chosen for the remodel is based on personal preference and the allotted budget. Pre-made countertops can be purchased from home improvement stores. They can be set in place with ease and connected to cabinets. This is the simplest way to remodel countertops if you are installing them yourself. Having a professional put down countertop is of course, the easiest way possible.

Do with stone or granite if you are looking for a more attractive countertop. Marble is also a great choice for countertops. While it can be more costly than traditional countertop, it is much more beautiful than a wood top. Having these countertops ordered and precut is a must, unless the homeowner is skilled enough to do this.

A hole for the kitchen sink and water supplies has to be made fro custom jobs. The splashboard has to be placed correctly in order to stop water from coming into the cabinets. This type of counter remodeling is a little bit more difficult so a professional kitchen countertop contractor should probably the one to do it. Working with water and stone can be very difficult and if stone if cut the wrong way it can wind up costing a fortune to get it fixed.

Vinyl and plastic countertops are not recommended. They can easily be cut by utensils and they often do not match the rest of the home décor. Countertops should fit in nicely with the rest of the room. Be sure that you find a material that looks great with the rest of your decor.

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How Can DWR Help You?

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DWR Remodeled my entire house. It's a new home and very beautiful. They did a great job.
- Shanena | Magnolia, TX
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I think you should change you company’s name to Doing a Great Job Construction. It was a pleasure working with Jason and his team. My husband was so happy to see his new office and that it was handled by professionals. They did a beautiful job. Thank you for helping me surprise my husband. And when the time comes for the Sun Room I will be calling you. Of course, I will be requesting Jason and Steve for the job….Many thanks!!
- Helen | The Woodlands, TX
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Thank you! You guys did a great job. Your work has made my laundry room so much more functional and easy to use! I have already recommended you and will continue to do so! Great job from start to finish… great job!!
- Alyson | The Woodlands, TX
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Mr. Arnett:Another week has gone by and the work done by Mr. Don Schauer and the crew is exceptional. Despite terrible weather conditions, they have all shown up for work with the best attitudes and have managed to get things done. We had some electrical problems occur with breakers tripping, and Doug figured out it was some wires without insulation causing a short. He promptly fixed the problem. Stephen has been diligently stacking the old siding to make the yard a lot neater. Dan and Efren accelerated the siding installation. And Don keeps things going smooth and is a pleasure to work with. He always has an excellent idea for any issue that has come up. Again, we have nothing but praise for your employees. Thank you for employing these gentlemen and having them work on our house.
- Victor | Kingwood, TX
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Dear Mike,I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the way my bathroom turned out. I was so pleased with everything from start to finish.Don and the team did an amazing job. This was the first time I have had to have construction like this done and I was nervous because I am not educated in that field. Don was very professional and patient as my mom and I asked him many questions.He is an asset to your team. I was very impressed by the professionalism and politeness of Don and his team and even with the two gentlemen who installed the marble.I always rave when people ask about who did the work and speak very highly of DWR Construction and I look forward to having your company do my next job.Your company lives up to the quality workmanships and honesty needed in today’s society.Please send many thanks to Don and his team.
- Paula | Conroe, TX
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This is to say that Cadelario Pedroza and his crew of three have done a very good job residing my house. The workmanship is excellent. They went to work immediately when they arrived, and worked without stop until the job was done. The clean-up was good and they left my house neat and clean.
- Joyce | Oak Ridge, TX
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