One of the most troubling issues homeowners face is poorly designed exterior siding, but that can be easily corrected with Tomball Hardie Plank siding. Many older homes have plywood siding known as T-111. This type of siding was never designed to last as long as other types of siding, yet it is still being used today.

The problems with T-111 and why you should replace it

The major issue with T-111 plywood siding is that in wet climates the plywood separates or simply rots away over time. This rotting may happen whether or not the siding was painted or treated. Once rotting begins bugs have a field day within the planks, the rotting issue becomes even worse. Sooner or later you won’t be able to put off this renovation project.

Thankfully though, now there is a better option. Tomball Hardie Plank was designed, right from start to stand the test of time, and it also offers a better value than brick or stone.

The benefits of Hardie Plank siding

Aside from being resistant to rotting, this siding is also impact resistant, fire resistant, and does not fade like other siding options. The impact resistant features of Tomball Hardie Plank siding mean that it is so durable that even a heavy hailstorm has no effect on the overall look or its ability to protect your home for years to come.

Because this siding is so dense and durable, it has a natural fire resistance. This is also the main reason Tomball Hardie Plank siding is resistant to bug damage. In effect, fire, rot, and bugs cannot damage the protection that this siding offers.

Finding the right style of Hardie Plank siding for your home

The best way to determine what type of siding is best suited to your home is to contact a professional siding contractor with experience in many siding options. Depending on where in the country you live, some options might not be viable after all, but remember, Tomball Hardie Plank siding was designed with all regions in mind.

To find the best siding contractor in your area there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is whether or not the contractors in your area are required by law to be licensed. Most areas no matter how large or small are now requiring all contractors to be licensed. In major cities such as Houston, Los Angeles, or New York there may even be special certifications mandated by the city.

With just a little research and a few clicks of the mouse, you should quickly find a list of available contractors in your area. Once you find the right contractor, make sure you ask them about all the long term benefits that Tomball Hardie Plank siding offers.

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