Bathrooms are undoubtedly one of the most functional areas of the home. They’re also one of the hardest areas of the house to keep up. Needless to say, the condition of your bathrooms can have a strong effect on the beauty, value, comfort, and functionality of your entire house, and making an effort to maintain them as much as possible is an important aspect of homeownership.  

If one or more of your bathroom areas are in need of an upgrade, bathroom remodeling can be a very effective and affordable way to dramatically improve your home—which is likely the reason why it’s one of our most requested home remodeling projects we see at DWR Construction.

If you’re living in the Woodlands and in search of quality home remodeling services to help you with your bathroom remodel, you’re in the right place. In this article, our experts at DWR Construction will share some of our favorite tips on finding the right remodeling company, and how the right team of contractors can help you build the bathroom of your dreams.

How to Find the Best Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

The first step for any bathroom remodeling project is to hire a bathroom remodeler that services your area. However, finding the right company isn’t always easy, and it can be difficult knowing which company you can trust to improve your bathroom exactly the way you want it.

To help you weed out inexperienced, dishonest, or untrustworthy contractors from the list, here are some important steps to take when searching for a top-quality bathroom remodeling contractor:

·  Ask for Referrals: There’s no better way to get the best service other than getting referrals from people who have had their bathroom remodeled or renovated. Aside from talking directly to relatives, friends, and neighbors who have firsthand experience with certain contractors, you can also scour the internet for honest recommendations.

·  Inspect Their Credentials: When shortlisting possible companies to hire, do your own research and see if they are part of professional associations or networks of contractors in the industry. You can also check if they are registered or licensed to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

·  Interview Contractors: Interview two to three contractors and get estimates from them. Ask them about their experience, previous similar projects, their portfolio, and other questions you may have about their services, so you can decide better.

·  Check References: Request for references that you can contact to know how the bathroom remodeling contractor actually performed and if they were able to deliver the expected results.

·  Get Everything in Writing: Make sure that you have a legal agreement that includes the price, payment terms, scope of the job, site plan, schedule or timeline, change-order clause, warranty details, dispute resolution details, and a waiver of the lien. Having such a document will serve as protection for both parties.

The Most Reliable Bathroom Remodeler in The Woodlands

With almost two decades of experience in home remodeling services, DWR Construction has established itself as a leading bathroom remodeling company in the Woodlands and surrounding areas. In order to ensure that we achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, we put great attention to detail to get the job done according to the requirements of our clients, providing excellent customer service and care from the onset of the project until the final result is revealed.

Below are some of the benefits of hiring DWR Construction as your dedicated bathroom remodeler.

·  BBB-Accredited: We are proud to be an officially recognized and accredited company by the Better Business Bureau.

·  Experienced Professionals: We are also proud of our exceptional team of professional designers and remodelers, who have years of experience in the field. Also, our company has been providing bathroom remodeling and renovation services for 17 years.

·  Excellent Customer Service: We put our customers on top of our priority list, and always go the extra mile to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

·  Professional-Grade Equipment and Quality Products: DWR Construction only uses top-quality materials from leading brands and utilizes professional-grade equipment and tools for the installation.

If you’re interested in letting our team at DWR Construction help you with your remodeling needs, we’d love to hear from you. Give us a call to learn more about our services, or fill out this online form to receive information on how to schedule a free consultation and in-home estimate.