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Houston Double Hung Windows

If you’re looking to increase the ventilation of your North Houston home, you may be mentally preparing yourself to sacrifice a whole lot of wall space. After all, more airflow must require more wall openings, right? While this is true for many styles of home window, there’s one important exception: double-hung windows. Unlike a standard swinging or sliding window, double-hung windows from DWR Construction are built with two fully operable sashes—giving you twice the possible ventilation in the same-sized window!

Ventilating and Energy-Saving Double-Hung Windows

Maximized ventilation isn’t the only benefit of our double-hung windows in North Houston; they’re also specially designed for long-term durability and energy efficiency—two features that aren’t to be taken lightly in the Texas heat and humidity. Made by some of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry, our replacement double-hung windows are:

  • High-Performing: A durable frame and sash construction keeps your window opening and closing reliably, even after years of use and exposure to sun, heat, and humidity.
  • Easy to Maintain: Like the rest of our vinyl replacement windows, our double-hung windows are resistant to many common forms of damage like blistering and peeling. You can say goodbye to the cost and annoyance of regular repairs!
  • Energy-Efficient: With a double-hung window replacement from DWR Construction, your home will be better insulated against the challenging Texas climate. For maximum efficiency, ask about our Energy Star-certified options.

When considering your next window upgrade, remember this: our double-hung window company is committed to doing what’s right—no matter how much more work that might entail for us!

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Don’t trust your double-hung windows to just anyone! Turn to DWR Construction for professional yet affordable work from a locally based company that is:

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  • A “Best of Houzz” award winner

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